Then in 2008, a book by Dr. Peter Breggin’s called Medication Madness clarified our tragedy.  The Introduction begins with:


“NOTHING LIKE THIS BOOK has ever before been written.  I have evaluated hundreds of cases of drug-induced mental and emotional disturbances, some in my clinical practice as a psychiatrist treating patients, some as a consultant to patients injured by drugs, and many in my role as medical expert in criminal cases, in malpractice suits against doctors and hospitals, and ion product-liability suits against drug companies.  The stories in this book are about children and adults who have been emotionally injured and sometimes driven mad by psychiatric medications, many committing horrific crimes.  Psychiatric drugs can and do transform the lives of otherwise well-meaning, ethical people, sometimes causing them to act in ways they would ordinarily find reprehensible.”


I read on, after 20 pages I threw the book across the room in frustration that someone somewhere knew what I had been saying all along.  Upon retrieving the book and reading on, I respect the courage of Dr. Breggin to share this inconvenient truth in spite of the psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry.


Also, of particular importance for this family, was a Dr. Breggin concept of “Medication Spellbinding” when the patient believes the medications are helping him in a way different than what the rest of the world can see. This was important to me because David was adamant with me that he was responsible for the tragedy, needed to punished, and it was not the medication.  I felt overwhelmed with my obvious observation that it had to be the medication but particularly upset that David believed otherwise.  Spellbinding made complete sense.


Two other concepts presented in Medication Madness were the legal defense of “involuntary intoxication” and the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) diagnosis of “substance-induced mood disorder.”  Both concepts were presented here for us without us ever hearing about them in the rush to blame David for the horror and sadness.

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