2 ½ years after the nightmare had begun in the Summer of 2008 and when the Lithium had began to affect David’s thyroid and kidneys, we questioned the need for it in prison.  The prison psychiatrist had earlier allowed David to withdraw from the other medications.  Coming off the anti psychotic, David experienced violent nightmares but did not act on them.  Coming off the anti depressant, David began to finally cry and cried for days.


David withdrew from lithium and started to wake up.  He was only allowed 2 ten-minute phone calls per month at the prison he was housed at prior to the most severe withdrawal symptoms kicking in.  In the midst of this de-numbing, the Department of Correction moved David to another prison, a prison that we perceived as much more dangerous than the last.  The blessing in the new prison was the opportunity for David to make a collect call home each night.  This call helped us all to understand the extent of reactions withdrawal was bringing to his awakening mind.


I believe that people need much help and understanding through withdrawal especially from their family.  Prison is a very difficult environment for withdrawal.  Although, there is control and supervision but not people trained for the task of drug withdrawal or any type of understanding and care.  Prison is about punishment and that is what this whole family has felt along this path.


Now, David was able to grasp the extent of the harm that had been done to him through the medication lobotomy and was angry and sad.  He began writing unfiltered letters to all friends and family members trying to share the truth and trying to seek understanding. His energy was so overwhelming that we could not hear David’s words.  Many people had no idea of withdrawal effects and how people in withdrawal can appear more mentally ill than they seemed on the medications.


The first 6 months of withdrawal were very sad days for our family and friends.  We saw remnants of the old David coming back but he was so alone and so angry and we were left to hope and pray that he and we would make it through.  Then, at about 6 months of withdrawal…things started to calm down.

Onward to Medication Free