David was about his faith and his family.

About David and his twins

He was a man of faith, He was a great father who adored all his children, He was a loving husband

He was a responsible professional who awesomely provided for his family and others

But, on that day, side effects produced medication -induced psychosis and the nightmare began

Horror and sadness, Unbelievable actions, and lives most precious were lost

 About David and Kim at Prison visit

But the truth is liberating

Allows us to seek understanding

Opens lines for forgiveness and healing

And it does matter

And can help others

About Kim, Joshua, Jessica, Dylan at Eastertime 2012



Purpose of this Website

Acknowledging the Past – Who is to Blame?  Telling the facts of our family and medication-induced violence, Assessing responsibility, Considering mental health care – not mental illness

Understanding the Present – What do we Value?  Noting suffering and overall health, Educating of the dangers of medication side effects, Realizing that this nightmare could have happened to anyone under medication-induced circumstances, Understanding maybe why this did happen to the Crespi Family – possibly DNA but the cocktail alone can be deadly, Fighting for justice, for our family and others, involved in this nightmare

Hoping for the Future – What are our Choices?  Facing the future knowing the truth, Helping the victims, Seeking liberty for those imprisoned, Holding perpetrators accountable.

We remember Tessara and Samantha always and miss them very much.