Other publications have shown the truth.  The information available for the truth of our situation has grown.  We now realize that David had a “medication induced response”  which resulted in violence against the very people that every other day would have been protected by him.  He acted out his worst nightmare and the losses are overwhelming.


David is back to his authentic self and is horrified as much as anyone…actually more so.  We reflect and live with the horror and the sadness of the violence against Tessara and Samantha every day.  The guilt, shame and punishment that society is asking of David and this family by his imprisonment is equally difficult to live with but we live with it in great hope that education and understanding can make the world better for all of us.  We are so thankful for friends and truth tellers on this unwanted but accepted journey.


It is now the Fall of 2012 and David is in prison. Many staff and prisoners realize what legal prescribed medication did to David.  Society is catching on and catching up.  Our prisons have much evidence of what legal medications and illegal drugs can do.


David has been in 6 North Carolina State prisons in the almost 7 years incarcerated.  David is allowed one visit per week and that one visit can be up to 2 hours.  I visit him every week.  Often our children, friends and other family members join me in the visit.  No more than 3 people can visit at the scheduled time. He makes collect calls throughout the day when the one phone per housing unit of 28 men is available which helps us raise our older children and stay connected.  In addition to the weekly visit, our communication with David is based on letters handwritten by David (he has no computer access) and accepting his collect calls when he can make them.


David has been involved in helping educate other prisoners, helping them achieve their high school equivalency certificates will help them when they return to society. He is housed on a medium custody prison and is in a bunk house with 27 other guys. He was granted medium custody after 3 ½ years of close custody.

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