The Dark Side of a Pill

Finally, the Danish Documentary is available for viewing here in the United States of America!!!

58 minutes – sensitive and intense information – please be careful if children are around.

Click here for viewing: supports the information presented in this documentary regarding our tragedy. These interviews were conducted in June of 2012 by film maker/director, Poul-Erik Heilbuth of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.  David Crespi was interviewed at Brown Creek Prison.  Jessica, Dylan, Joshua and Kim Crespi and our friends were interviewed at our home in North Carolina.  David was medication free then for 4 years and remains medication free to this day without mental health issues.

This documentary is available to watch online now and has some upcoming airdates as noted below where Link TV is available.

This is amazing information and should be widely shared.  Remember the warnings regarding changes in dosages of these very powerful and potentially dangerous medications.

Link TV    From their website:

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An exclusive, case-driven investigation into the one of the medical success stories of our time. Every tenth grown-up in the Western world is on antidepressants. With global sales of approximately 20 billion dollars, the prescription drug is one of the most lucrative products of the medical industry. But the wonder drug has a dark side. Antidepressants are sold as a strong tool to create peace and tranquility in the mind of a troubled brain. But is it possible that the same pill can send someone to the darkest regions of the soul?

Upcoming Airdates Eastern Time Zone
Tuesday, November 11th 3:00 am
Tuesday, November 25th 8:00 pm
Wednesday, November 26th 1:00 am