January 20, 2016, is the 10-year mark in the journey of Crespi Family Hope and the devastation of the deaths of Tessara Kate and Samantha Joy. Their earthly existence is missed every moment of every day but the hope of heaven remains a constant focus as we journey through this life with purpose to bring to light what is right and just with love, faith, and hope.

David Crespi remains the first living victim in this tragedy.  On that day and on a cocktail of doctor-prescribed medications that induced a psychotic state, David killed his dearly loved daughters and was arrested. Within a few months of that tragic day, medicated, isolated and still unaware of the dire medication side effects, David pleaded to murder and was sentenced to life in prison.  Family and friends stood by David bewildered by his actions without knowledge or awareness of the medication’s devastating possibilities.

Withdrawal from all medications 2 ½ years later would confirm what research and the FDA’s warnings now state that some people can experience bizarre, unwanted and dangerous mental states while taking these psychiatric medications. Without the medications’ incapacitating effect, David Crespi woke up in prison.  Now, 7 ½ years medication free and notable years of healthy wellbeing while holding several prison jobs, David understands the effect medications took on his wellbeing compelling him to act without free will.

His responsibilities in prison include serving as a chapel clerk, being a teacher’s assistant to help imprisoned students obtain their GED and working as a geriatric aide assisting the infirmed and disabled in prison.  He and those on the outside supporting him have helped many of his fellow prisoners in this journey. He has remained a devoted husband and father by being emotionally available and active in his family’s daily lives. He has maintained many friendships in and outside of prison and blessed many with understanding of the many layers of this tragedy.

Counsel and experts have been engaged to have a wrongful plea set aside.


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